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Rimmingtons Directory of Selby and District 1931
From Rimmington's Almanac & Directory
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Published with the kind permission of Jowett & Sowry Ltd of Leeds

What's in the Directory

Abbey Temperence Hotel,proprietors Mr. & Mrs. A. Everatt  
Ackeroyd, F., George Hotel, Gowthorpe  
Adkin, Mrs. L., wardrobe dealer, 67a, Gowthorpe
Ainley, Garforth, Queen's Hotel, Ousegate.
Aire & Calder Navigation, Canal Side, Dennison Road.
Allison Misses, private school,56 Brook Street.
Allpass t Co., Ltd., furnishers, Finkle Street; manager, E. G. Sanders
Alsop, A., florist, Gowthorpe
Anson, W., tailor and outfitter, Church Hill  
Appleby. John, Royal Oak Inn, Ousegate.
Appleton, A., Exors. of. chemist, Finkle Street
Appleton, H, A.. watch and clock repairer, 17, New Street
Archbell, J. Me., Ladies" and gent's outfitters, 28, Denison Road
Atkinson. C.. newsagent. Wide Street and Bridge Foot
Atkinson, Thomas, confectioner 18 and IS. Millgate.
Atkinson, Thomas, milk dealer. Dennison Road
Backhouse & Sons, builders and contractors. Gowthorpe
Bailey 8t Haigh, solicitors. Park Street.
Baker, Clifford, carting agent, White Street.
Baker, H., haulage contractor. 140, Millgate.
Banks, Mrs. Margaret, confectioner and tobacconist, Brook Street.
Banks. W. & Son, wood turners, Gowthorpe.
Bantoft, J. H., solicitor, 9, Abbey Place.
Barclay's Bank, Ltd., Market Place.
Bardgett, Bros.. cattle food manufacturers, Cyprus Mill, Gowthorpe.
Barker, George, Unicorn Inn, Bondgate.
Barlow, R., confectioner and tobacconist, 21, New Street
Barnes G, upholsterer, &c., Adams' court, Gowthorpe  
Bartlam (Selby) Ltd., ironmongers, Finkle Street
Bardy, W., fish and chip saloon, 2, Volta Street
Batty, Leonard, general dealer. 40 Micklegate
Bayston, J. W·, removal contractor, 41. Flaxley Road
Beasley, Elizabeth Annie, greengrocer, Wren Lane
Beilby, J. W., fancy draper and outfitter, 11, New Street  
Bell. Berry, & Co., coal merchants, Park Street
Bell Bros., grocers, a0. Gowthorpe
Bellerby, W. J., printer and stationer, B, The Crescent
Bellwood, Linda, Ladies' hairdresser, 8f Brook Street
Bentlev's Yorkshire Breweries, Ltd., Wide Street
Best, Mrs. E., grocer and general dealer, 8, Staynor View
Beven, E., monumental mason 14, Ebor Street
Bickerton, Walter C., architect and surveyor, 11, Finkle Street
Binks. Sydney, Cricketers Arms, Market Place
Biscombe, Miss Annie, confectioner. 69. Brook Street
Bland Bt Howden, bootmakers. 38a, Gowthorpe.
Blanshard, T.E. draper, 62. Ousegate
Blashhill, G., butcher 19 New Street
Blenkinsop & Scratchard, architects, Park Street
Bowles. P., fish and chip saloon, 61. Gowthorpe
BowmaI1, Walter, Blackamoor's Head, Finkle Street
Brabbs, Sydney, accountant, James Street.
Bradfield, H., butcher, 11, Brook Street
Bradley, James, milk dealer, Millgate
Brewins, J. M. & Son, bakers and confectioners, 42. Ousegate  
Brigham, James W., fried fish saloon, New Lane
British & Argentine Meat Co., Ltd., butchers, Finkle Street  
British Legion Club, Portholme Road.
Brittannic Assurance Co. Limited, Brook street.
Broadley, Miss E., provision dealer, 17, Shipyard Road
Brooksbank, J., wholesale potato merchant, Brayton Road.
Brown, G. B., Dentist, The Crescent.
Bulmer, C. H.. tailor, Millgate
Burke, H., boot repairer, 49, Gowthorpe
Burke & Son, billposters. 2, Scott Road
Burrass & Peake, tailors, 29, Gowthorpe
Burton, Fred, milk dealer, Green Lane.
Burton, J. ironmonger, Finkle Street             
Bywater, Chas., painter and decorator., 11, Buller Street and New Lane 
Bywater, Miss B. E., baby linen dealer, 22. Church Hill.
Bywater, T· E·, painter and decorator, 2, Wren Lane  
Calpin, J., boot repairer, 57, Gowthorpe
Calpin, Laurence, boot repairer. James' Street
Carey, C. C., solicitor, 2, Finkle Street.             
Carr, J. H & Sons, building contractors, Armoury Road and Gowthorpe 
Cavania and Co. Derby 
Central Picture Hall  
Chambers, A· L., commission agent, 12, Dennison Road.
Chambers, Harry., butcher, Wide Street
Chambers, W. C. tinner. Ousegate
Cheesmans Ltd., drapers & furnishers, Crescent & New Lane 
Chambers, Ambrose, milk dealer, Dennison Road
Clark, F·, Butchers' Outfitter. Bank Chambers, Park street.
Clarke, James, drapers, 59, Buller Street.
Clayton Bros., milk dealers, Ousegate
Clayton, Miss H., costumier and fruiterer, New Street 
Clayton, William, accountant, Micklegate.
Cochrane & Sons, Ltd. shipbuilders. Carr Street
Cockerill, E· K·. tripe dresser, 43, Gowthorpe
Coles, S. L, greengrocer and fishmonger. 65 Gowthorpe 
Connell, Henry, shipbuilder, Ousegate.
Cooper, Mrs. H., grocer, &c., 15. Denison Road
Cooper, Reginald, hairdresser and tobacconist, 15, Finkle Street.
Croft Bros., agricultural engineers, New Lane  
Curry's (1927) Ltd., cycle accessories, Gowthorpe
Curtis, F. coal merchant, 6, Flaxley Road
Customs and Excise Office. Park Street
Davey, D. L. Dentist, Market Place
Davidson, L., confectioner, 56, Flaxley Road
DeLucchi Bros., Abbey Vaults, James Street
De Lucchi Bros., ice cream specialists, James' Street and Abbey Yard.
Dennis, J. W., Chemist, Louth
Dent, Sons, & Co., Ltd., tar distillers, Barlby Road.
Dickinson, A.. jeweller, 13, Market Place
Dickinson, Harry, milk dealer, Gowthorpe
Dickinson, T. F. Optician, Market Place
Dobson, F., pork butcher, 47. Gowthorpe and 24 Church hill
Downey, Misses E. and P., tobacconists and confectioners. Brook street
Downey, Miss A., wardrobe dealer, Wren Lane
Downey. Mrs. Eva, fish and chip saloon, Church Hill
Drake, Donald B.. draper. 25, Finkle Street.
Drury, Jonathan, milk dealer, Newport avenue
Dugdale, E., furnisher and paperhanger, Water Lane
Dunns' Footwear Ltd., bootmakers, Micklegate
Earl. E. draper, Scott Road and 50 Gowthorpe.
Eaves, Frank, White Swan, Ousegate.
Electrical Distribution of Yorkshire. Ltd., Portholme Mills, New lane
Employment Exchange,Ministry of Labour, Micklegate;manager,J. A. Jackets.
England, Emma, Rose and Crown Inn. New Street
Englehart, H. E., pork butcher, 18, Church Lane
Englehart, C., pork butcher. 25, Gowthorpe
Evans, Miss Emily, confectioner, 91, Gowthorpe
Everatt, T. C., joiner and cabinetmaker, 45, Wide Street
Exelby, Foster & Co., Motor Engineers. Brook St. Garage
Fairlam, J. A.. greengrocer, 48, Gowthorpe
Farley, Miss M., china dealer, 52, Gowthorpe
Farmery, W. N. & H., toilet saloon, 48 Gowthorpe
Farrell, John E., Dog Inn, Gowthorpe
Farrell, Thomas, fruiterer. 26, Church Hill
Fawcett. A. T., newsagent, 13. Volta Street
Featherstone, C., & Son, boot repairers, Flaxby Road.
Fenton, W. W., upholsterer, James' Street
Firth, G. & Co., coal merchants, The Nook, Church Hill
Flax Production Co., Dennison Road.
Fletchers Sauce Co. Ltd., Barlby road
Forey, G., mineral water manufacturer. Robert Street
Foster, E. & Co., builders, contractors. &c, Bondgate Works
Foster, Harold, builder & property repairer, 64 Gowthorpe
Foster, H., butcher, 14, Gowthorpe
Foster, Miss Nora, shopkeeper, 79, Brook Street
Foster. Tom, confectioner and tobacconist. Millgate
Foster, W. H., joiner & undertaker, Milton place, Gowthorpe.
French Consulate--Sir Charles H. Wilson, Vice-Consul--
Wilson Estates Office, 4, Market Place, First floor.
Friar, A. J., haulage contractor, 7, Adams' Square.
Furness, Miss E., toys, sweets, &c., 1, Brook Street
Gallons Ltd., provision merchants, l3. Brook Street
Gaskill, W. R., grocer, 47, Gowthorpe
Gath, Mrs., grindery dealer. 19. New Street.
Gath. T., teacher of music. 4, Thornton Buildings, New Street.
Giles, John, Londesborough Arms Hotel, Market Place
Gill, Jas. & Son Bleachers, Canal Side
Gilleard, Mrs. Annie, confectioner and tobacconist, James' Street
Gillies, John, surgeon, The Crescent.
Goodridge, Miss, costumier. 7, New Street
Gotch, J.. motor and cycle repairer, Bridge Foot; 
           and wireless depot.16, Gowthorpe.
Grace. G. C., grocer, 39, Gowthorpe
Green, Mrs. R., greengrocer, &c., 8, Volta Street
Gudgeon, William, fancy dealer, 28, Church Hill.
Guest, W. H., grindery merchant. 17, Finkle Street
Hague Miss M., L.R A.M., teacher of singing and music, 53 Brook st.
Hall, W. R., music saloon. Millgate
Hambretch, H. & A., butchers. 10 and 12. Millgate
Hanlay, W. J., draper, 2, Gowthorpe
Hanson. Henry, fried fish dealer, 68, Flaxley Road.
Hardisty & Hardisty, auctioneers, 5. St. James Terrace
Hardisty, Messrs., joiners and undertakers, Market Lane.
Hardwick, C. W., cycle agent, 19 Church hill
Hartley, L.. cooper, Barlby Road.
Haynes Arthur, boot repairer, Millgate
Haynes, George, livery stables manager, George Hotel Yard.
HAYNES, JOSEPH HENRY livery stables and carriage
  proprietor, George Hotel Yard & 63 Brook st.
Hawley. C.. blacksmith, 43, Wide Street
Hebditch, Miss E. M., St. Malo, private school, Westfield.
Hebditch & Sons, J., jewellers, 31. Finkle Street
Hebditch, J. R., consulting ophthalmic optician, 5. Finkle Street
Heptinstall, T. & N., bakers and confectioners, 62, Flaxley Road. 
  and 44, Gowthorpe
Heptonstall, -- butcher, 43, Brook Street
Heptonstall, James, butcher. Scott Road
Heptonstall. George, grocer, 67 Micklegate
Hepworths Ltd., tailors. Market Place
Hepworth, Richard H., metal merchant and marine store dealer, 
Hewitt A.. window cleaner, 4 Westbourne road
Hilton & Sons, boot stores. Finkle Street: manager. C. H. Stanhope
Hippadrome Picture House, Millgate
Hirst & Neville, window cleaners, 40 Kitchener street
Hirst, Henry, confectioner. 46, Flaxley Road
Holder, F. J., grocer and provision merchant, Brayton road
Holleran, John, Dennison Arms. Ousegate
Holmes, E., tobacconist and confectioner, 42, Flaxley Road
Home & Colonial Stores Ltd., Market Place
Home Farm Dairies, 66 Gowthorpe
Horsley, Robert, Junction Inn. Ousegate.
Hoult, Charles, baker and confectioner,, The Crescent
Howden, T., boot repairer, Brayton,Road Crossing
Howden & Millson, joinery contractors. 11 Harper street
Howdon, W., fried fish dealer, Flaxley Road.
Hoyle, Joshua, solicitor. Clifton Chambers. Park Street.
Hunter's The Teamen, Ltd., Gowthorpe.
Hutchinson, A., perambulator, &c. dealer. 3 Brook street
Illesley, J. W., dentist, 128, Gowthorpe.
Inland Revenue Office, Church Avenue.
Irwin, William & Co., Ltd., joiners and undertakers, Wide Street.
Jackson, Ernest, fruiterer, 8, Churchill Lane
Jackson, G., confectioners, 6, Millgate
Jackson, H. W., hosier. &c., 14-16, Finkle Street 
Jackson, N. S., grocer and provision dealer, 118 Millgate
Johns, R. P., veterinary surgeon. 1, Westbourne Grove.
Joy, O. W.. pork butcher, 24, Gowthorpe
Kent, Mrs. K. M., Woodlands, private school
Kettering (The) & Leicester Boot Co.. Gowthorpe.
Kilburn. J., hairdresser, New Street.
Kirby's (Selby) Ltd., millers, Barlby Koad.
Lamb, A., sports outfitter. 41, Gowthorpe
Laverack & Goddard, Ltd., timber merchants, Station Road.
Laverack & Son, drapers, Market Place
Lawler, Mrs. Ellen, general dealer, Wren Lane.
LAX RICHARD, Home Farm Dairies, Gowthorpe.
Laycock, C. V., gent's outfitter, 11, The Crescent
Lazenby, Wm. Painter & decorator. 10 Westbourne Terrace.
Lee, C.. tailor, Finkle Street
Leeds & Dis. Co-Operative Soc., Ltd., Wide Street, 4·2, Flaxley Road,
   45, Brook Street, Barlby Road ; drapery, New Street
Leeds City & district Permanent Building Society, 4 Market place
Lee, H. W., The Dairy, 66, Ousegate 
Levitt, Alfred, milk dealer, 16, Westbourne Road
Littlewood, B., hairdresser, 35, Wide Street
Lloyds' Bank, Ltd., Market Place
Lomas, G., butcher, Ousegate
Lomas, M., monumental mason, 19. Brook Street and Ousegate
Loving, W., draper, 29, Buller Street.
Lumley, R., tailor, 15, New Street 
Lumley, R. W., boot repairer, Ousegate
Lunn. Joseph, Griffin Hotel, Micklegate
Maddison. J. H., draper. 32, Churchill ilill
Mallory"s General Stores, 5, Brook Street
Markham, Herbert, Albion Inn, New Street
Markham. Mrs., china dealer, 4, New Street.
Mascot Cafe, Gowthorpe
Mason, A. H, & Sons, motor engineers. Barlby Road.
Matterson, Albert, Nag's Head, Gowthorpe
MATTERSON BROS., Coal Merchants, Nags' Head yard,
 Maughan Alice, dressmaker. 40 New lane
Maypole Dairy Co. Ltd., 22 Gowthorpe
McCaie. G., butcher, 66a, Millgate and 6 and 8, Gowthorpe.
McDonagh, Thomas, milk dealer. Millgate
McKenzie, T.. fish and chip saloon. Denison Road
Meadow Dairy Co, Ltd.. Gowthorpe
Mearns, Hugh, Butchers' Arms Inn, Millgate
Melias, Ltd.. Gowthorpe
Midland Bank, Ltd., Market Place
Middlebrough, J·& N., brewers and maltsters, Millgate
Middleton, J., fruiterer and greengrocer, Flaxley Road
Millar, T. & Son, seed merchants. The Crescent.
Milner, J. bill distributor, Midge Yard, Millgate
Moate & Son, E. W., blacksmiths, Millgate
Morley, Mrs. Alice Louisa, Nelson Inn, Ousegate
Morley, Mary, grocer, 63, Gowthorpe
Morley R. N., tobacconist, 73, Gowthorpe
Morrison, Jessie. high-class milliner, &c., 1. Millgate
Mullins, Francis, Friendship inn, Millgate
Murrays' Pharmacy, chemists, 74, Gowthorpe
Mutual benefit Society, Ltd.. grocers, Flaxley Road, New Lane. 
   Barlby Road, and 1, Dennison Road
National Provincial Bank of England, The Crescent
Newband. P., hairdresser, Ousegate
Newtonia Wallpapers, Ltd., 20a, Gowthorpe.
Noble S. & A., Picture Framers, &c., 8 Ebor Street.
Noble, Mrs. W., newsagent and confectioner. 4, Volta Street
Noble, W., outfitter. New street
Nutt. Frank, milk dealer, Elf Hole
Nutt, F. W. & R. H., Milk dealers, Mount Pleasant, Bondgate
Oates, S., hairdresser and newsagent, 17, Brook Street
Ogden, E. J., butcher, Flaxley Road
O'Gram & Hunt, tailors, 36, Gowthorpe
Old Cross Cafe, W. J. Salmon, proprietor.
Olympia Oil & Cake Co. Ltd., oil refiners and seed crushers Barlby rd
Ostler, Ralph, & Co. Ltd., forage merchants, over Bentley's Offices.
Parker, March, & Charlton. solicitors, James Street.
Park, T. H., plumber, gasfitter, &c., Haigh's Yard, Wide St.
Parrott, A.. grocer, 39. New Lane
Parvin, A., tobacconist and confectioner, 39 and 41, Wide Street
Parvin, S., fancy draper, 43. Wide Street
Pickett, Herbert, Volunteer Arms, Gowthorpe.
Pickles, J. W., chartered accountant, Wide Street
Piercy, E., draper, 31. Brook Street
Piercy, Percy, tobacconist and confectioner, 78/80. Ousegate
Pike, J. C., piano tuner and repairer, " Triad," Wistow road, Selby
Pike & Mould, grocers, &c., 50, Ousegate
Pike, Mrs. Charlotte A.. confectioner, 34, Ousegate
Pilsworth. A., coal merchant, 94, Millgate
Piper's Bazaar, Gowthorpe.
Pollys, confectionery, New Street
Porter, E. P., timber merchants. Station Road.
Pratt, Richard, auctioneer, Bank Chambers, Park Street'
Prentice, Christopher, Malt Shovel, Ousegate.
Priestley, Joseph, publican, Finkle Street
Priestley. Thomas Victor, Bay Horse, Micklegate
Proctor, Alexander, flax expert, Market Place.
Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd.. 12. The Crescent,
Public Benefit Boot Co., Finkle Street; manager. R. J. F. Howden
Pulleyn, Joseph, mineral water manufacturer, Gowthorpe
Punch, H. S., chemist, Wide Street
Queenan, T. E., fish and fruit salesman, 4 and 6, Wren Lane
Quick Press, Ltd., dyers and cleaners. New Street
Ramsden, H., fish and chip saloon, 9, Brook Street
Rank & Co. Ltd. flour millers, Barlby road
Ratcliffe, A., painter. 36, Haigh Street
Read, E. & Son, Manchester
Reasbeck & Son, tailors, l9, Finkle Street
Refuge Assurance Co., Brayton road
Richardson, A., boot stores, Wide Street and 19 Gowthorpe
Richardson, E., butcher, 40, Ousegate
Richardson. J., newsagent, &c., 17. Gowthorpe
Richardson, W. B., boot dealer, Adam's court, Gowthorpe
Richardson, & Son, seed merchants & auction mart, James St,.
Riley, Ltd., E. J.. billiard hall. Ousegate
RIMMINGTON, E. M. Printer and Stationer, etc., 9 Finkle Street, 
Rishworth, Ingleby, & Lofthouse, Ltd, millers, Water Lane.
Robertson, D., jeweller, The Crescent. 
Robinson. W.. coal merchant, Westfield
Robinson, Walter, Crown and Anchor, Gowthorpe
Rockett.. Arthur. P.. ladies' and. gents' outfitter, I, New Street
Rodgers, J. W·, hairdresser, Flaxley Road
Ross, G., fruiterer and confectioner. Market Place
Routh, John, builder, White street
Rudd, Robert, 92, confectioner, Ousegate.
Russell, Mrs. E.. ladies' & children's outfitter, Wide Street, & Wren Lane
Russell, E., fish and chip saloon, Wide Street
Russell, Wilfred, shopkeeper. 3. Wren Lane:
Salmon. W· J·. confectioner, Old Cross Cafe, and Brook St,
Sanderson, B. F·, fish. fruit, and game dealer, 49 Wide Street
SANDERSON JAMES, Florist and Fruiterer, 6 Gowthorpe
Sayers. Mrs. M., milliner, 6, Market Place
Scaife, John, general dealer, 84, Ousegate.
Scannell, P· J., surgeon, 72, Gowthorpe
Scarth Mrs. Dressmaker, Brayton road
Schofield, C· H·. sewing machine dealer, 68, Ousegate.
Scott, Mark & Co., oil and cake manufacturers, The Holmes
Searle, Mrs. A., fancy draper, 5. Gowthorpe
Selby Brick and Tile Co., Ltd., Camblesforth Road.
Selby Cafe and Model bakery, Ltd., Gowthorpe
Selby Malt Roasting Co Ltd., Ousegate
Selby Steam Laundry. Flaxley Road; manager, J·Braham 
Selby Mutual Benefit Society Ltd., grocers and provision dealers,
      21 New lane, Barlby road, East common and Flaxley road
Selby Trades Hall and Working Men's Club, Micklegate.
Sharp, Mrs. Sarah, tea rooms, 82 Ousegate.
Sheppard's music saloon, 9. New Street
Simpson a Lester (late Millards) House furnishers. 
        36 Ousegate and Church hill
Smith, Miss E, greengrocer, &c.. 70. Gowthorpe
Smith Mrs E A, Cafe & Confectioner, 21 Finkle St.
Smith, J. & Sons. dyers, Gowthorpe
Smith, J. W.. garage, Station Road
Smith, W. E., & Co., seed merchants, The Crescent
Snowden, Mrs., confectioner, &c Millgate
Somers & McGranahan. Surgeons, Park Street.
Squires & sons Ltd. plumbers & glaziers, Portholme Mills, New Lane. 
Staniland, W., hatter and hosier, Finkle Street
Stronach, J., fruit merchant. 1, Douglas Street.
Stronach, W & B., 12 Harper Street Haulage Contractors.
Sumpner, Harry, Station Inn, Ousegate
Sutton & Co. Ltd., general carriers, 9 Finkle street
Stead, J. J., the chocolate shop, 26 Gowthorpe 
Steggall, Mrs. E., grocer, &c., 11. Canal View
Stockdale, E., confectioner, &c., 20. Finkle Street
Strudwick, & Son, monumental masons, 10, Nalton Street
Swain, E. & Sons.. painters and decorators, 27 Finkle Street 
Swain. Miss K.. servants' registry office. 29, Finkle Street
Swift, A. R., & Sons, sanitary plumbers, 72, Ousegate 
Swift, Thomas, plumber, Robert Street
Swift & Mendwell, electric boot repairers. Wide Street.
Swift & Son., tobacconist and confectioner Millgate
Taylors' Drug Co. Ltd.. chemists, Finkle Street
Thompson, Alfred, boot repairer, Gowthorpe.
Thompson, E. A. coal merchant, 1, Denison Road
Thompson, Fred, boot repairer, Ousegate
Thompson, John, farmer, Staynor Hall.
Thurlow, Arthur, marine store dealer, 9, Abbey Yard
Thurstans, R. B., chemist, 3, Gowthorpe
Todd, Morrison, & Scarborough, surgeons, Park Street.
Townend, Harold, painter and decorator, 37, Gowthorpe.
Townend, Harry. painter, Gowthorpe.
Tunniclifte, Mrs. Jane, hairdresser, etc.. Wren Lane
Tyson, E. 0., garage, James Street
Tyson, J., engineer, Ousegate Ironworks
Urwin, J., agricultural produce merchant, 1, Newport Avenue
Vickers Bros.. coal merchants, White Street.
Vickers, E., jeweller. 27, Gowthorpe
Waddington, G. H., plasterer & contractor, Armoury rd. & Gowthorpe
Waddington Miss A. teacher of pianoforte and theory, Armoury road
Waddington, R., Gowthorpe, motor Engineer.
Wales, A., boarding house, Ousegate.
Wales, H. & Son. painter and decorator, 7, Brook Street
Walker, L.. fish and chip saloon, Ousegate
Walker, Mary, Crown Inn, Church Hill
Walker. R. & Son, hairdresser, 4, Millgate
Warburton, J. C.. grocer. Market Place
Ward. A & Son, Mineral Water Manufacturer,, Wide Street.
Ward, Geoffrey, fruit fish dealer, 52, Millgate.
Ward. W. H.. painter and decorator. 9, Buller Street
Ward, A, & Son, Mineral water manufacturer. Wide Street
Waterworth V. G., Dentist, 40a. Gowthorpe
Watson. J., ironmonger, 23. Finkle Street
Watson & Mackay, garage, Gowthorpe
Watson R., Haulage contractor, 33 Primrose cottages
Weighall, G.. confectioner, &c.. 130. Ousegate
Wenlock, Miss Florrie, grocer, &c., New Street
West Riding Divisional Surveyor's Office, Market Place
Wetherell, C. E., & Son, drapers and furnishers, The Crescent
Wetherell, J., grocer. Wide Street and Market Place
Wetherell, boot stores, Wide Street
Whisker. A., greengrocer, 30, Church Hill
Whisker. T., greengrocer, New Lane
Whisker, W. H.. wholesale greengrocer, 69, Brook Street
White Bros., drapers, Market Place
Wilkinson, J., & Son, coal merchants, 74. Millgate.
Wilkinson, T., rope merchant, Millgate
Wilkinson, W. W., pork butcher, 32, Gowthorpe
Williamson, H. & Co., Ltd., brick and tile merchant, Ousegate
Wilson, T., baker and confectioner, 4 Portholme Road.
Wilson Estates Office--The National Union of Manufacturers
   4 Market Place,--first floor.
Wilson, Sir Charles, incorporated accountant, Market Place.
Winders, R. J., butcher, 47. Wide Street
Wood, J. W., joiner and undertaker, 1, Dam. Bank
Wood, John William, Grey Horse Inn, Gowthorpe.
Woodard A., peggy tub maker and repairer, 13 Buller street
Woodhead, G.. & Son, seed merchants, Micklegate 
Wray, F.. butcher. 56, Gowthorpe
Wyllie Bros., Public Benefit Boot Co.. Ousegate
Wyllie, J. M., corn merchant, Church Hill
Yardley, Charles Thomas, confectioner, 62 Ousegate,
  Wistow Road
York County Bank, Park Street
Yorkshire Clog, Sole, & Timber Co., Ltd., The Holmes.
Yorkshire Dyeware & Chemical Co., Ltd., Canal Side.
Yorkshire Electric Power Co., Portholme Road. 
Yorkshire Penny Bank, Market Place
Yorkshire Oil Engine Co., Ousegate
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