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       Walks with Harry (The Dog)

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A bit about myself

Retired from maintenance engineering in 2010 (enjoyed my work) until THE paperwork came along.
Started watching birds when a teenager and have always visited Bird Reserves
even arranged family holidays to see new birds.
Since retiring and buying myself a digital SLR as a retirement present I have tried to get a collection of British Birds and any migrants plus anything else that takes my fancy.

Since my dear wife Janet passed away in 2016
I made plans to move closer to the two boys and their families by moving to Mid Wales.
Well the time as come to up sticks and move to Mid Wales.

2018 Update

Now (August 2017) moved and live in Mid Wales and a wonderful location it is.
Looking forward to new locations to visit.
I have now got four grandchildren courtesy of my two sons and their delightful partners.
Now only a day trip away to either of them.


Also since retiring (as I promised myself I would) I took on a rescue dog (Harry)


A crossbreed Collie, according to the RSPCA a

rough haired collie cross with some thing else.

Looks to me like he’s crossed with a Fox.

A guy did tell me he looks very much like a 

Canadian Duck Toller Retriever. ?

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